Thailand has an aggressive plan to digitalize the country and create a knowledge-based society with increased focus on ICT and digital investments. The concepts of Digital Thailand and Digital Economy aim to transform Thailand in conjunction with digitalized development… Smart Nation and Smart City include Smart Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Environment plus Smart Governance, Smart People and Smart Living …plans that move forward with public investments in many areas.

The country has set itself the target of creating no less than 100 smart cities within the next two decades. The aim is to promote digital investments in areas such as energy, transport, security, healthcare and even hospitality. One of the biggest initiatives is the Smart Grid Network currently in development with a total budget of 5.3 billion USD. The Thailand Board of Investments recently rolled out a Smart City promotion scheme to attract investors to potential smart cities throughout the country.

Thailand is moving towards a low carbon and green growth economy while ensuring that the country’s development is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. As energy is the fundamental part of everyday living and in order to establish green development, Smart Grids, E-Mobility and Smart Cities are seen as a platform driven by technological advancement and regional proficiency in terms of resources. New technologies are needed to integrate with existing power networks and market structures in order to meet the energy needs of modern societies and smart cities. With this development, ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2019 is designed to deliver outstanding business opportunities for those in related businesses.